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Treating Customers Fairly

The Finance House - Treating Customers Fairly

The Finance House is committed to treating our customers fairly. By doing so we ensure high service standards as well as following the guidelines set out by our regulators, the Financial Services Authority.

We are committed to:

Providing you with clear, accurate information about how we do business, and where applicable all the costs and charges involved.

Making sure we only provide you with products that meet your demands and needs

Ensuring that all our advertising is clear, fair and not misleading

Handling any concerns or complaints sympathetically

Treating your personal details confidentially

Explaining in detail the significance and implications of any products that we discuss with you

Maintaining a comprehensive training and competence regime to make sure all our staff are able to provide you with a well informed, clear and accurate service.

We would also ask you to give honest and accurate information in relation to:

Your financial commitments to assess affordability

If your loan is interest only, how you intend to repay the loan?

If you are unable to provide proof of income that you provide accurate and realistic earnings figures.

The Finance House appreciates your help in meeting the guidelines of the FSA and in doing so, providing you with clear and suitable advice.


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