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Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

A quick Mortgage Calculator to work out your monthly mortgage payments.

Simply enter the amount you wish to borrow, the term over which you intend to pay it off and the interest rate. Then hit the 'Calculate' button.    

Mortgage required
Repayment period
Interest rate
Monthly repayment Mortgage
Interest only Mortgage
Be careful, at 12% it will be:
Interest only Mortgage at 12% £  

Mortgage Calculator results

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The first figure gives the total monthly payment for a straight repayment mortgage, including both interest and payment towards the capital loan amount. This reduces the amount owed on the capital, month by month. The second figure shows the amount of interest payment only.

If you choose an interest-only mortgage, such as linked to an endowment, ISA or pension savings policy, you will need to add the cost of the monthly premiums of the policy to the interest figure above. On maturity, the savings policy is intended to pay off the capital loan

It's important to remember that the figures from our Mortgage Calculator are only a guide; the exact cost will depend on the particular mortgage you have. We can provide those figures as part of our service as your Keyfacts documentation. We recommend that you obtain exact figures from us before committing to any mortgage.

Ring us now on 01273 857 024 and we will find the best product for you.


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